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The FF Fémfeldolgozó Ltd. is the specialist of processing any kinds of stainless steel material, such as sheets, profiles, tubes, wires and rings. Our professionalism, production activity and the wild range and structure of our products allow us to deserve our customers, from high foreign company’s true Hungarian big and small companies at the same high quality level.

Production technologies:

Cutting of tubes, profiles, bars, wire made of carbonic, and stainless steel with band saw, plate grinder, snip, up to the external diameter of 120 mm. Details

3D bending of stainless and carbonic steel tubes at D42x2, 5-mm diameters, or smaller diameter profiles 2 D bending on the automatic PC commanded tube and profile bending machine. Details

The 3D bending of the stainless and carbonic steel wire and coils on PC commanded automatic bending machine between 4-8 mm diameters. Details

Sheet cutting up to the width of 3000 mm, with the maximum thickness of 3 mm in case of stainless steel and 6 mm in case of carbonic steel. Details

Bending of stainless and carbonic steel sheets with NC- commanded bending machine up to 2000 mm length and 5 mm thickness. Details

Perforation and cutting of stainless and carbonic steel sheets with automatic equipment up to the maximum size of 1000 x 2000 mm, and maximum thickness of 4mm. Details

Cutting from steel sheets: sheet size at 1500 x 3000 mm diameter, from stainless steel at 6 mm thickness, from carbonic steel at 16 mm thickness with PC commanded laser cutting machine. Details

Cutting from carbonic and stainless steel sheets with 40 t excenter press. Details

Press works - up to 100 tons with excenter and hydraulic press. Details

Welding of stainless steel spot-welding AWI technology. Details

Special surface treatment of stainless steel products with electro polish technology up to the following sizes: 2000 x 650 x 800 mm. Details

Assembly, production, package of products and subparts. Details

Laser cutting machine

The precision cutting of different kinds and dimensions of stainless steel material are processed by band saw, plate grinder, and snip, TRUMPF cutting machine or TRUMPF laser cutting machine, depending on the size of the material.

TRUMPF TCL 3030 laser cutting machine
Laser capacity TLF 2400 Turbo 120-2400W
Max. material thickness Stainless steel 6 mm
Carbonic steel 10 mm
Aluminium 5 mm
Working size 1500 x 3000 mm
TRUMPF TRUMATIC 240R cutting machine
Max. material thickness Stainless steel 2 mm
Carbonic steel 2,5 mm
Working size 1000 x 2000 mm
Cutting power 250 KN

As the head unit of this machine can turn 360 °, with the additional 10 tools we can adjust the machine to any possible patterns and shapes, so we can easily produce the most difficult parts and products as well.
The programming can be made Off Line with Jet-Cam software, this way we can make serious material cost reductions.
We have a wide range of tools (120 pcs.) for this machine in order to be able to process any kind of material thickness ( in case of stainless steel: 0,8/1,0/1,25/1,5/2,0 mm) We have cutting, punching and also special flare tools, which have TiCn coating for a longer lifetime.
The special tools (flare, deep drawing, branch, pointing) are made by Pass Stanztechnik AG according to our requests.



Electro polish technology

All the highest aesthetic, hygienic and surface treatment requirements are fulfilled with
the pc commanded electro polishing line, which provides the steel brilliantly clean and shiny surface.



Profile, tube, band and wire bending, cutting and drilling

We enhance our production capacity with an automatic CNC profile and a wire-bending
machine. The sheets and tubular materials are mostly bended by automatic bending machines.

Profile cutting with gang and disc saw

The profile cut is made by 3 band saws and one circular saw.
The saws are operating on a semi-automatic system. The Pilous machine can be used for faggot cutting up to the diameter of 250 mm.
Band saw Thomas SAR 270
MAC 350
Drilling machine

Two semi-automatic Sabo standard 40 drilling machines make the drill of tubes, profiles and sheets. The equipment is suitable for screw-tap and deep drawing.
AIM AFE-3D10T automatic steel bending machine
Max. diameter (mm) Carbonic steel 10
Stainless steel 8

The bending of stainless steel coils are made by a fully automatic CNC bending machine. The AIM AFE-3D10T bending machine is suitable to bend the stainless steel wire up to the diameter of 10 mm (in case of carbonic steel 10 mm). The 3D execution gives us the possibility to bend easily difficult and complicated items, too.
The machine uses coils, which is a much more efficient solution than using rods (significantly less waste).
PENDRAZZOLI BENDMASTER 42 CNC tube bendin machine
Maximal tube length 3700 mm 2 mm
Maximal bending capacity 40kg/mm tensile strength materials 42 x 2,5 mm
Suitable size (mm) Profiles 10 x 20
10 x 30
20 x 30
Tubes d15

A Pedrazzoli bend-master 42 CNC machine bends the profiles and tubes, which is also capable to 3D bending.



Sheet cutting and bending machines

HACO HSLX 3006 CNC plate shears
Max. material thickness Stainless steel 4 mm
Carbonic steel 6 mm
Working area 3000 mm
HACO ERMS 2075 bending machine
Bending length 2075 mm
Press power 75 t

This machine is able to band maximum 3 mm thick material by 1000 mm banding length. In case of 2 mm thickness, the banding length is approx. 2000 mm.
The used System type tools have standard sizes (L=835 mm, L=415 mm, L=835 mm section), this way can be assembled the 2000 mm length.
MSM PI 20-60 type CNC bending machine
Bending length 2000 mm
Press power 60 t

The actual tooling of the machine is capable to bend up to the thickness of 3 mm. In case of 2 mm thickness, the bending length is aprox. 2000 mm.
The used System type tools have standard sizes (L=835 mm, L=415 mm, L=835 mm section), this way can be assembled the 2000 mm length.



Hand- and automatic welding

The welding process is made by automatic machines with spot-welding, AWI technology or manually.



Unique design and conceptions execution

We execute from stainless steel material all your unique design and concepts…



We are looking for new customers for our stainless steel materials processing technology!