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FF Fémfeldolgozó Ltd. was established in 1949, and since than it has been operating as a fully Hungarian owned company. By now our company is the member of the Rev and Partners Holding (

Our Headquarter and the administrative center is in Budapest, the factory itself is in Mezotúr, and has 130 employees in charge. The factory has been operating and working in Mezőtúr since 1965.

FF Ltd. is a specialist in processing any kinds of stainless steel material, such as sheets, profiles, tubes, wires and rods.

The company's position on the market - in spite of the economic crisis - is stable.

Our major customers are the following companies:

  • Rational AG (Germany)
  • Blanco GmbH (Germany)
  • Norka GmbH (Germany)
  • Nilfisk Alto (Denmark)
  • Suntherm AG (Switzerland)
  • For us the most important is the satisfaction of our customers and the precondition of this satisfaction is the quality. Our products correspond to the very severe international quality requests and regulations.

    The internal processes of FF Ltd. and the quality management system was formed and audited due to the basic rules of the ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 as well.

    In the second part of 2007 we started major investments, and built two new production halls in Mezőtúr, in order to enlarge our production area with almost 3200 m².

    Our target is to go on with developments and modernisations, to increase our number of our customers and to achieve a good cooperation with them.

    We produce only stainless-steel products. A wide range of raw materials are constantly available in our consignation store. Our production and delivery are operating on the basis of Kan-Ban and Just in Time system.

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